The demand that mother should start to work after laboring makes mother must rely on her baby upbringing to their trusted party. The need to have parent figure to continuously caring to their babys needs are necessities, so that the child can grow their trusting feeling and believe that their parents is always ready to fulfill the baby needs.


          According to Erik Erikson, one of the development psychologist expert, the principal needs of a baby in their earlier age are attention to their biological and psychological needs, which can develop baby trust to their new world. Biological needs, such as eat, drink and cleanliness. Psychological needs such as secure feeling, loved and caring as well as feeling protected.


          Baby Kangaroo Daycare eager to fulfill the lack of working parents ability to always take care of their child, whom wishes to find a trusted place for their children while they out working and to be able to monitor their children at anytime they want. Moreover, to ensure that the children receive their principal needs and stimulation from our trained nurses.

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